Slip/Trip & Fall Injuries

Under Ontario law, an occupier of a property (owner of a home, business, etc.) has a duty of care to guests visiting their property. The occupier must insure that proper safety procedures and implements, as well as common sense are used to protect others from injury on their property.


Failure to do so may result in a slip/trip and fall accident that could result in serious injuries including torn ligaments & muscles, fractures, concussions and other injuries that may require surgery. In these cases, the occupier is generally responsible for injuries sustained by a slip/trip and fall victim on their property.


It is important that a knowledgeable lawyer specializing in this area of personal injury/occupier’s liability law handle your slip/trip and fall accident. This area of law has different complexities to each individual case and could result in under-compensation for injuries if left to an inexperienced lawyer and self-represented victim.


Our lawyers bring years of experience to the table and are backed with the support of highly knowledgeable and trained staff to ensure that you are represented effectively, professionally and with an exceptional personal standard of care. You are not just another file number at our firm.


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